High Roller’s Club Card

The Starboard High Roller Club card is provided for purchases made in Starboard. You will earn one punch for each $20 spent on merchandise (excluding tax). When your card is fully punched, you may redeem it to save $20 off a future purchase.

If you choose to return your purchase, we will remove the appropriate number of High Roller Club card punches and issue you a new card.

* Starboard High Rollers Club Card participants will receive one punch on their card for every $20 purchase, excluding gift card purchases. For example, on a purchase totaling from $20.00 to $39.99, the participant will receive one punch on their card; from $40.00 to $59.99, two punches, etc.

* Tax associated with purchases do not qualify to earn High Roller Points.

* Each completed High Roller’s Club Card enables a Guest to receive $20 off their next Starboard purchase during a subsequent visit to the store.

* Gift Cards qualify for High Roller punches at the time of redemption but not at the time of purchase.

* Completed High Roller Club Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

* Returned merchandise will be deducted from the program.

* High Roller Club Cards remain the property of Starboard.

* High Roller Club Cards are non–transferable and will be voided if forged, altered or mechanically reproduced.

* Employees of Starboard are not eligible to participate in the frequent shopper program.

* Starboard is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

* There is no expiration date associated with the High Roller Club Card as long as the program exists.

* Starboard reserves the right to revise these rules if necessary or to cancel this frequent shopper program.

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