Starboard Shirts Ordered

Starboard wants to announce to its fans that the first batch of shirts have been ordered and are on the way.

We hope that the shirts will be available for purchase on the website before Wednesday February 24, 2010. The shirts will be available to ship on Friday February 26! For those that would like a Starboard shirt, they are almost ready for purchase!

Stay tuned for promotional contestants for people that are willing to do things with their shirts                   <hint, hint>.  Any ideas??  You can leave a comment down below and guess!

On a sidenote, the Starboard fanpage hit 600 fans this weekend. We want our family and friends to know how grateful we are for the support. This venture is just taking off, and would not be nearly as reachable without the support that we have received! We appreciate anyone who helps promote Starboard.

If you would like to help promote on facebook, go to the Starboard fanpage and underneath the logo in the top left, there is a link that says “suggest to friends”. Click on that link and go through your friends and choose which ones you would like to suggest. Remember that you can not click “all”, you have to manually click each friend.

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