We had an incredible Grand Opening event, and we just want to first off thank Dickinson and the surrounding cities for the great support this weekend. We couldn’t be happier with our fan and customer base. We gave away some great prizes and thoroughly enjoyed having DJ Kirk spin for us all weekend. There are talks about having Kirk Spin on a consistent basis at Starboard. Keep your ears open for more to come on that. Listed below is a complete list of the winners, and once again, Thank You Dickinson for the support!

Pair of Oakleys
James Bosch

Pair of Reef Sandals

Emily Decker
Darcy Turcotte

Pair of C1RCA
Sean Kleinsasser
Taylor McLain

Pair of Etnies
McKay Hogan

Free Element Skateboard
Lydia Camp

$40 grab bags
Tom Meyehoeffer
Stacie Pullins/Youhan
Harlan Stewart
Chantelle Bleek
Skilur Dilley
Austin Mayer
Marcus Marsy
Darcia Dennis
Joe Dodd
Kasey Adolf
Erica Pender
Carly Fuentes
Freddie Sheets
Justin McCabe
Aidan Levorsen
Jessie Wells
Nathan McNaney
Andrea “Scooby” Claire
Josh Hutmacher
Sandy Stroh
Marie Archuleta
Kaila Sanders
Dustin Ketterling
Brady Boese
Trent Sickler
Natalie Taylor
Mike Gannon
Gerrett Lutz
Tammy Jones
Mike Gayda
Jade Boggs
Brittani Kolodejchuk

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